70% Reduced Operating Costs By Outsourcing These Admin And Office Support Jobs

70% Reduced Operating Costs By Outsourcing These Admin And Office Support Jobs

Looking for additional team members but don’t want to spend too much on operating and payroll costs?

The Philippines is one of the preferred locations for outsourcing because of hiring highly skilled professionals for a fraction of the cost. 

You can outsource administrative or office support staff to the Philippines and save between 50% to 70% on labour costs as compared to hiring similar roles in the United States or Western Europe. 

While the exact percentage of savings and reduced costs vary based on several factors, such as the level of expertise required, the size of the team and other outsourcing agreements, here’s an estimate of how you can save a lot by outsourcing your office support in the Philippines. 


Reduced Operating Costs By Outsourcing These Admin And Office Support Jobs 3


Benefits of Outsourcing Admin and Office Tasks In The Philippines


1. Labor cost

According to explodingtopics.com, you can expect to save between 50% to 70% on labour costs when you outsource your administrative and office support staff to the Philippines. This significant reduction is due to the lower cost of living and competitive salaries in the country. 


2. Overhead costs

Another factor why the Philippines is the most cost-effective country to outsource is the minimum overhead costs. Most outsourcing companies will cover costs for office space, equipment, utilities, and other overhead expenses. This means more savings and less worry and effort on your end. Moreover, you also have access to the newest technology and tools without spending too much. 


3. Recruitment and Training Costs

Another great thing about outsourcing is you don’t have to think about the cost and time you need to spend when it comes to recruiting and training administrative and office staff. Outsourcing firms in the Philippines often handle the recruitment and training thus reducing the cost, resources, and effort on your part. 


4. Operational Flexibility

The best thing about outsourcing in the Philippines is that it can offer scalability and flexibility. This means you can adjust the size of your support team based on your business needs. This can highly contribute to cost efficiency. 


As mentioned, the exact savings that you can get by outsourcing office support in the Philippines will depend on your specific needs, the skill level of staff, and other operational considerations. But outsourcing office support in the Philippines can result in significant cost savings. 

Now, if you are ready to outsource office support in the Philippines, here are some of the administrative and office support roles and their benefits by adding them in your company. 


Top Office and Administrative Support Roles You Can Outsource In The Philippines


1. Virtual Assistants (VA)

Need help in managing your emails, schedules, and appointments? Outsourcing virtual assistants can help you manage your emails, schedules, appointments, travel arrangements, and other general administrative tasks. Outsourcing a VA to do all these for a fraction of the cost means you get to focus on more important things about your business. 

Outsourcing VAs provides flexibility and cost savings by reducing the need for physical office space, equipment and tools. They can also support executives or teams with routine tasks. 


2. Data Entry Specialists

Data entry jobs can be time-consuming. That is why it is one of the highly outsourced administrative roles today. A data entry specialist can help you input, update, and maintain data in databases or other systems and platforms. By outsourcing data entry jobs, companies can ensure data accuracy while freeing up internal staff for more core business tasks. It is a cost-effective way to maintain large databases.


3. Customer Service Representatives

Hiring an internal staff to handle customer service work can be quite expensive. You need to think about recruitment, training, payroll, and benefits, plus the overhead costs such as office space, tools, and equipment. That is why, a lot of companies outsource their customer service to reduce their operations costs. 

When you outsource customer service representatives, they can help you handle customer inquiries, complaints and support requirements through phone, email, or even chat. Outsourced customer service representatives can provide 24/7 support, improving customer satisfaction and increasing customer retention. Outsourcing customer service representatives in the Philippines offer scalability which allows businesses to adjust their support team size as needed


4. Human Resources (HR) Assistants

HR work can be time-consuming. That is why outsourcing a human resources assistant can help you with recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, and employee records management. Outsourcing HR assistants can streamline HR operations, reduce administrative overhead, and even ensure compliance with employment laws. They can also improve the efficiency of recruitment and onboarding processes in your company.


5. Accounting and Bookkeeping Assistants

To free your internal staff of clerical and basic accounting jobs, you can outsource accounting assistants who can do data entry, reconciliations, accounts payable/receivable and even payroll processing. Outsourcing some of these accounting tasks can reduce errors and ensure compliance with financial regulations. It also allows your internal staff to focus on more complex financial analysis and strategy. 


6. Executive Assistants

Most executives don’t have time to answer emails or even arrange schedules. That is why outsourcing an executive assistant can help them with these basic tasks so they can focus more on growing their business.

If you need help when it comes to high-level administrative support, you can outsource executive assistants who will manage your schedules, correspondence, and travel plans. Outsourcing EAs allows executives and managers to focus more on strategic decision-making and client relations by handling time-consuming administrative tasks. They can also contribute to improved efficiency and organisation at the executive level. 


7. Research Assistant

You can outsource research assistants to help you in conducting research, compiling reports, and assisting with data analysis. Outsourced research assistants can save time for professionals by conducting thorough research and preparing detailed reports. They can support various departments, from marketing to product development.


8. Transcriptionists

You can outsource transcriptionists who can help you transcribe audio or video content into written form. Outsourced transcriptionists ensure that recorded meetings, interviews, or presentations are accurately converted into text, which aids documentation and information sharing.


9. Project Coordinator

You can outsource a project coordinator to assist you with project management tasks, tracking progress, coordinating meetings, and maintaining project documentation, among others. Outsourced project coordinators support project managers by handling administrative aspects of project management. They help keep projects on track and ensure clear communication among team members.


These are just some of the administrative and office support roles that you can outsource to help you manage and grow your business. If you need help when it comes to outsourcing admin and office support roles, we can help. Simply book a free consultation with us so we can assess your needs and provide the most cost-effective and smarter outsourcing solutions. 


Outsourcing Customer Support for Startups

Why choose SOS Global Smarter Outsourcing Solutions

SOS Global Smarter Outsourcing Solutions offers several benefits for companies seeking effective outsourcing solutions. Here are the key reasons to choose SOS Global Smarter Outsourcing Solutions:


1. Cost-Effective 

We provide cost-effective outsourcing services with a single all-inclusive fee covering team members, IT setup, management, and taxes. This transparent pricing model avoids hidden fees or small print, allowing businesses to manage budgets efficiently.


2. No Capital Investment Required

We eliminate the need for hefty upfront costs and capital investments, making it easier for businesses to start outsourcing without significant financial commitments. 


3. Efficient Setup Process

Our streamlined setup process ensures operations are up and running in weeks, not months.


4. Australian-Owned and Operated

We are an Australian-owned company with a team based in the Philippines, ensuring a smooth communication flow and cultural understanding.


5. Trained and Skilled Staff

Our staff are directly employed and trained by industry experts, reducing the time and resources needed for additional training. The company employs motivated, reliable, and culturally fitting staff, ensuring a smooth transition to the outsourcing model.


6. Comprehensive Security and Privacy Measures

We take data security and privacy seriously, with various measures such as staff screening, security guards, secured locations, biometric access, CCTV monitoring, and anti-malware software.


7. Flexibility and No Lock-In Contracts

We offer flexibility with no lock-in contracts, requiring only a 30-day notice if you decide not to continue with outsourcing.


8. Wide Range of Services and Capabilities

We provide a diverse range of services, including back-office support, bookkeepers, digital marketing, e-commerce assistance, loan documentation specialists, sales and customer service, and web developers, among others. 


9. Strong Support and Technical Infrastructure

We invest in technology and system upgrades, ensuring seamless communication and workflow through high-speed internet.


We provide comprehensive outsourcing solutions with a customer-focused approach, supporting businesses in achieving their goals with flexibility, efficiency, and a range of skilled services.

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