Trending: Drop in Website Traffic In Outsourcing Businesses

Trending: Drop in Website Traffic In Outsourcing Businesses

The outsourcing industry is facing a noticeable drop in website visitors, which could cause problems for businesses in this field. The drop has affected many outsourcing companies, and various factors might be causing it. It’s really important to understand and deal with this situation to make sure the outsourcing sector stays strong online and can grow.

In the first quarter of 2023, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector experienced a significant setback, with a notable decline in website traffic. 

This decline affected the global landscape of BPO entities, resulting in an 8,439,395 monthly visitor reduction, which accounted for 38.7% of total traffic. 

The top 434 BPO outsourcing enterprises, representing 98% of the industry’s traffic, witnessed a substantial decline in website visits between January and March 2023. 

This group collectively experienced a decline of 38.7%, dropping from 21,349,668 monthly web visits to 13,096,308.


Impact on Leading Outsourcing Companies

Out of the 434 leading outsourcing companies, 320 observed a significant drop in their online traffic, while only 74 managed to achieve an increase in visitor count. 

Among the companies with decreased traffic, 11 experienced a loss of over 95%, 75 witnessed a decline exceeding 75%, and 164 recorded a reduction exceeding 50%. 

The ten most impacted companies collectively lost 5.9 million monthly users, accounting for 51.7% of their total traffic. 


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Impact on Prominent BPO and IT Companies

Prominent entities in the BPO and IT sectors also experienced declines in website traffic. These companies registered traffic declines of over 19% to 76%, resulting in a combined loss of 2,065,627 monthly web visitors

Derek Gallimore, Founder and CEO of an outsourcing company in Manila, expressed concern over the significant decline in traffic and emphasised the need for the BPO industry to pay attention to the situation. 

The sustained drop in traffic levels across the entire industry is unusual and calls for serious consideration, as it may have far-reaching consequences.


Slight growth

Although a small number of companies managed to achieve growth during the same period, their gains were modest compared to the overall decline. 


Root Cause

The root cause behind this drastic decline remains uncertain. Factors such as search engine optimisation challenges, outdated content, or reduced advertising impact seem unlikely to be the sole explanations, given the synchronised nature of the decline. 

Possible factors contributing to this trend include evolving internet usage patterns and shifts in search habits. However, it is unlikely that the recent introduction of technologies like ChatGPT could single-handedly account for such a profound impact.


Recovery and Future Trends

While the second quarter of 2023 brought a sense of stabilisation and partial recovery, traffic levels remained 22.7% lower than the peak in January. The industry must closely observe and analyse this significant traffic slump to identify the underlying causes and implement appropriate measures.

Factors such as the March 2023 Google core update and evolving search habits necessitate closer observation and analysis to mitigate the impact on the industry.

While the specifics of the March 2023 core update remain undisclosed, we can derive insights from these website traffic drops. Here are essential points to consider:

  1. Exercise patience: Immediate discernibility of major algorithm changes might not occur as Google’s crawlers require time to review and index website content.
  2. Monitor your site’s organic search traffic and keyword rankings to gauge the update’s effects and locate potential areas for enhancement.
  3. Emphasise quality: Google’s objective through these adjustments is to furnish superior search outcomes. Consequently, consistently generating high-quality content tailored to your audience’s preferences is imperative.
  4. Focus on particulars: Technical facets such as speed, mobile compatibility, and correct indexing substantially shape your site’s overall ranking. It is vital to meticulously attend to these particulars.


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Top Outsourcing Services To Look Out For in 2023

Even in the face of reduced website traffic, a significant number of outsourcing companies remain steadfast in their reliance on outsourcing as a strategic approach. 

This resilience stems from the recognition that outsourcing offers a range of advantages beyond web visibility. From cost-efficiency to specialised expertise, outsourcing serves as a valuable resource that aids businesses in streamlining operations, accessing skilled talents, and achieving their broader organisational goals. 

Thus, while the drop in traffic may influence certain aspects, it does not deter businesses from recognising and harnessing the inherent benefits of outsourcing in their pursuit of success.

In fact, here are the top and in demand skills and services that your business should outsource this 2023: 


1. Creative Services 

Outsourced creative services inject fresh ideas and skills into projects, strengthening brands and generating appealing content that resonates with audiences, thus driving business growth.

This growth-oriented approach bolsters businesses and establishes meaningful connections with target customers, driving overall expansion.


2. Back Office Support 

Back office support is in high demand in outsourcing companies due to its important role in ensuring operational efficiency and seamless business processes. 

By delegating administrative, data entry, and other non-client-facing tasks to specialised teams, companies can focus more on core functions, enhance productivity, and allocate resources strategically. 

This cost-effective approach allows businesses to streamline operations, meet regulatory compliance, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


3. Digital Marketing

To achieve a better online performance, increase brand visibility and successfully reach a wider target audience are few of the many reasons why digital marketing is in demand among outsourcing companies. 


4. Sales and Customer Service 

Sales and customer service hold immense importance in outsourcing companies, influencing client satisfaction and revenue growth. Outsourcing these functions ensures expertise, efficient interactions, and optimal resource use, ultimately enhancing customer experiences and business performance.


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5. Bookkeeping

Outsourcing companies seek bookkeeping services for their vital role in accurate financial records, regulatory compliance, and informed decisions. 

Outsourcing these tasks provides specialised expertise, cost savings, and strategic focus, leading to increased efficiency and sustainable growth.


6. E-commerce 

E-commerce is highly valued in outsourcing companies for its ability to boost market reach, enhance customer experiences, and drive online sales growth. 

By outsourcing e-commerce tasks, businesses tap into specialised skills, stay updated on industry trends, and optimise their digital presence, resulting in improved online offerings and streamlined operations for competitiveness in the digital marketplace.


7. Web Development 

Web development is in demand in outsourcing companies because of the expert assistance obtained by businesses in staying current with the latest trend in technology. The improved web presence enables outsourcing companies to enhance user experience and remain competitive in the digital world.


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How to Grow Your Business Through Outsourcing

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