Why Outsource To The Philippines?

Why Outsource To The Philippines?

Controlling your cost without compromising quality can be a tough job when running a business. Some businesses build their global workforce across the globe to have a high-skilled and well-experienced team. We strongly believe that the Philippines is the perfect place for businesses of Australia and nearby countries to offshore.

  • Time Difference: The Philippines has the same time zone as Perth and just two hours behind Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Filipinos are willing to work shifts on holidays to accommodate clients regardless of their location. 
  • Language: Compared to other Asian countries, English is the official language next to the national language (Tagalog) across the country and Filipinos have excellent communication skills both written and oral. 
  • Cost Advantage: The Philippines offers high-skilled outsourcing services at an affordable value because of its lower cost of living. 
  • Excellent Work Ethics: Filipino people value integrity and professionalism just as much as they value time and respect for individuals. 
  • Education: The Philippines has a very high literacy rate of about 97% according to the National Statistics Office, which is higher than other modern and industrialised nations. The Universities celebrate more than half a million new graduates every year.

Why Choose SOS Global?

No Capital Investment Required: Say goodbye to hefty upfront costs. With SOS Global, there’s no need for capital investment. We offer cost-effective outsourcing solutions that fit your budget.

Efficient Setup Process: We know time is of the essence. Our streamlined setup process ensures that your operations can be up and running in weeks, not months.

Dedicated Team in the Philippines: Trust your back-office operations to our dedicated team in the Philippines. This allows your in-house team to focus on core activities while we handle the rest.

Our Capabilities

  • E-commerce Specialist
  • Personal/Admin Assistants
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Artists
  • Call Center
  • Customer Service

Ready to Scale and Grow?

If you’re ready to unlock new levels of efficiency and growth for your business, it’s time to get in touch with us. Let’s talk about how SOS Global can help you scale and grow through cost-effective outsourcing services. Your success is our priority.

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